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University of Nebraska Professor Nathan Conner Awarded Fulbright Fellowship in Jamaica
Nebraska Ag Connection - 06/01/2023

Nathan Conner, an associate professor specializing in agricultural leadership, education, and communication at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, has been honored with a prestigious Fulbright Fellowship. This esteemed opportunity will see him teaching and conducting research at the College of Agriculture, Science, and Education in Port Antonio, located in the scenic parish of Portland, Jamaica. His tenure in Jamaica is scheduled from August to June 2024.

Administered by the U.S. government, the Fulbright program provides scholars from over 160 countries with the chance to teach, study, and conduct research abroad. As Conner embarks on this exciting journey, he shares insights into his project and the potential impact it holds for him, his host community, and the broader Nebraska academic community.

Conner's work holds significant potential for his host community in Port Antonio. By sharing his experiences and expertise, he hopes to empower local students and educators, enabling them to make informed decisions and embrace progressive approaches in agricultural education. Furthermore, the project's outcomes have the potential to benefit the broader Nebraska community, as Conner will bring back valuable insights and experiences to enrich agricultural education programs and initiatives in the state.

The Fulbright Fellowship provides an exceptional platform for Conner to engage in cross-cultural exchange and collaborate with scholars and students in Jamaica. Through his teaching, research, and interactions, he aims to forge lasting connections and foster mutual learning between the academic communities of Nebraska and Jamaica.

Nathan Conner's Fulbright Fellowship represents an outstanding achievement and a testament to his expertise in agricultural leadership and education. As he embarks on this transformative journey, Conner is poised to make a meaningful impact in Port Antonio while further strengthening the ties between the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the international academic community.

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