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Winning the battle against rodents in hog farms
Nebraska Ag Connection - 09/29/2023

Exploring the essentials of hog farming, we uncover the often overlooked but pivotal aspect of rodent control. Insights from field experts, including Arian de Bekker from Neogen, are invaluable in maintaining biosecurity and safeguarding farms from rodent infestations.

These discussions illuminate strategies and practices addressing this persistent challenge in agriculture.

Segment 1: Unveiling the Rodent Threat

Rodents pose significant threats to hog farms. Arian sheds light on their nature, the risks associated with their presence, and the financial implications of feed loss, contamination, disease transmission, and structural damage caused by these pests.

Segment 2: Laying the Foundation for Control

Developing a robust rodent control process is imperative. Arian shares the four pivotal steps: Prevent, Identify, Execute, Monitor (PIEM), and highlights the preventative measures essential for keeping rodents at bay.

Segment 3: Spotting the Signs

Recognizing a rodent infestation early is key to reducing damage and risks. Arian guides us on identifying signs of infestation and underscores the importance of prompt action.

Segment 4: Implementing the Plan

Arian outlines the development of a comprehensive rodent control plan, discussing various strategies and methods, and addressing considerations for ethical treatment during the eradication process.

Segment 5: Tracking Success

Ongoing monitoring is central in the fight against rodents. Arian explains how to assess the effectiveness of control efforts and make necessary adjustments based on outcomes.

Segment 6: Mitigating Secondary Poisoning

Lastly, the conversation turns to secondary poisoning. Arian explores its concept, implications, and the measures to ensure the safety of non-target animals and the environment during rodent control endeavors.

This discussion with Arian de Bekker delivers valuable insights, offering practical advice and strategies to strengthen hog farms against the ongoing challenge of rodent infestations, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable farming environment.

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