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Anderson Cattle honored with CAB excellence award
Nebraska Ag Connection - 09/29/2023

On a ranch in Guide Rock, Nebraska, Anderson Cattle, managed by Troy Anderson and his family, is a testament to progress, both visible and invisible. This ranch, dedicated to raising premium Angus herd and maintaining a small grower yard, has recently been in the spotlight, earning the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) 2023 Commercial Commitment to Excellence Award.

This honor is not just about the visible advancements, like new equipment and facilities, but also about the unseen progress, the values, and principles driving the family. Troy, alongside his son Zane and parents Roy and Rosemary, received this accolade at the CAB Annual Conference in Las Vegas, marking a significant moment for the family’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

The Andersons’ journey began with Roy moving to Nebraska in 1963, transforming eroded farm ground into a thriving ranch through hard work and determination. Balancing family and farming, Roy and Rosemary gradually expanded their herd, focusing on quality cattle.

Troy shares his family’s passion, aiming for high-grade calves and implementing practices like Targeting the Brand™ to enhance genetics. Since 2015, he has managed an 850-head feedyard, marketing cattle on a quality-based grid, and using data and technology for continuous improvement.

In May 2023, the ranch achieved 88 percent Choice and Prime grades, reflecting their commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction. They also uphold Beef Quality Assurance guidelines, ensuring not only the quality of the product but the wellbeing of the entire herd.

Troy also emphasizes land care, installing cross fences and waterlines to optimize grazing and manage drought conditions. The family faces challenges but remains adaptable, adjusting their mineral program and management strategies.

The Andersons are a tight-knit family, working together to achieve their goals. Troy values the lessons learned from his parents and enjoys teaching Zane about livestock and ranch management. The family cherishes their progress and looks forward to building on their successes in the years to come.

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