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Labor: Northeast Nebraska Labor Reports Issued
Nebraska Ag Connection - 05/17/2018

The Nebraska Department of Labor has released reports detailing results from the labor availability study of Columbus, Fremont and Norfolk area businesses and households. See the attached fact sheet for a sample of the findings from the Labor Availability Report, Hiring and Training Needs Report and Skills Gaps Report for each city. The reports are based on business and household surveys and are part of a joint research project involving the Departments of Labor and Economic Development and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research and Bureau of Sociological Research.

The full Northeast Nebraska reports can be found online at on the Labor Market Information Publications page.

The reports include:

- Household Data

o Statistics on Active and Potential Seekers -- those who are actively seeking work or may accept a new job in the next year if something suitable is available

- General demographic characteristics (age, gender, race, education level, veteran status)

- Important factors considered when seeking a new job and barriers faced when switching jobs

- Characteristics of job seekers (education, skill levels, occupation/industry experience)

- Business Data

o Characteristics of businesses (size, industry)

o Hiring needs (number of openings, skills required, benefits offered, hiring difficulties)

o Current workers (skill levels, work experience, planning for expected retirements)

o Training offered

- Skills Gap Information and Analysis

o Worker Supply and Demand

o Barriers to Employment and the Local Labor Market

o Detailed Evaluation of Select Occupations

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